Do not let scheduling posts take all your time! Marketing professionals are planning and scheduling week of posts at once and save hours of work on creating contents.

How to use Bulk Schedule?

Step 1: Open Bulk Schedule
Click Schedule and then click Bulk Schedule

Step 2: Select Photos
Select the photos in the order that you want to schedule them. Click Next to set the posting time.

If you are scheduling carousel posts (one post with multiple photos in it), you only need to choose the first photo in this step. Adding the rest photos in the post in step 4.

Step 3: Set Up Post Time
You have three ways to set up your posting time:

1. Apply Default Post Time

By turn on Apply Default Post Time, the photos will be scheduled at your pre-set Default Post Time.

Tip: Don’t know how to set your Default Post time? Check out our Default Post Time guide!

2. Apply Bulk Time

By turn on Apply Bulk Time, you can choose the time when the first photo will be posted, and the time interval between each two posts.

Note: You can Bulk Schedule for multiple Instagram accounts at once, don’t forget to select the Instagram that you want the schedules be posted.

3. Custom Set Post Time

Of course, you can also custom S]set the post time of each post by clicking the post time of each photo.

Step 4: Finish Editing Each Post
Edit the Captions, Tag People, Location, First Comment and Delete Time of each post.
Once you’ve finished editing each post, make sure to hit Upload to finish.

If you are scheduling carousel post (one post with multiple photos in it), you can click the thumbnail on this page and click the bottom right corner icon to choose the rest of the photos.

Tip: Don’t want to write captions each time? You can use Saved Caption and Suggest # to quickly finish editing. See Saved Caption and Suggested # for more information.

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