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How do I set up default post time?
How do I set up default post time?
Don't want to set post time for each post/story? Here's how to set up your Default Post Time.
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If you want to publish your posts/stories at a pre-set time and save your work every time when you schedule a post. Try Default Post Time setting!

How to set Default Post Time?

Step 1: Choose the Right Instagram Account

Click Gear⚙️ button on the top left corner and click Add Default Post Time.

Choose the Instagram profile that you'd like to set the default post time for and click on the Instagram profile to open up the settings for that profile. 

Step 2: Add Default Post Time

You can choose to set the default post time for post or story.

Toggle Add Time For Post to on and then you can tap the time and change it or add new time.

Don't forget to set the Repeat setting.

When you schedule your next post, we will auto apply your default time. If you have multiple time settings, they will be applied in order.

Hit Done, and now you are ready to go!

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