How to add saved caption?
Save your most used captions for quick use.
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Don't want to add captions every time when you schedule a post? You can save your most used captions and quickly use them when scheduling your posts!

How to add Saved Caption to your Apphi?

Step 1:  Go To Setting And Choose The Instagram

Click the Gear ⚙️icon on the top left corner, click Manage Caption or Comment, and then choose the right Instagram you wanna set the saved captions for.

Step 2: Add New Captions

Click Add New Caption on the bottom and type in your captions. Don't forget to click Save button to continue.
Now you have saved all your most used captions, and it's time to schedule your posts!

Step 3: Select The Right Caption When You Schedule Posts

Now you can select the right caption for your post!
Just click the saved caption which you want to apply, it will automatically filled in your caption box. Click again to take it off. You can also select more than one saved caption or delete saved captions here by swiping the one to the left.

Tip: Don't know which hashtags are more popular? Apphi offers Suggested # for you! See our Suggested # guide for more info.

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