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How to add default caption?
How to add default caption?
Apphi can help you auto apply saved captions in random order.
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If you have several saved captions, it may still take some time to choose one when you schedule a post. 

With Apphi's Default Caption, you can let us choose it for you! Apphi will randomly auto apply your default captions or first comments when you schedule posts. 

How to add Default Caption to your Apphi?

Step 1: Add Saved Captions to Apphi

Before setting up the default caption, you need to add saved captions to Apphi. 

To learn more about how to add Saved Caption on Apphi, view our help guide here.

Step 2: Choose The Instagram You Want To Set The Default Caption For

Click the Gear ⚙️icon on the top left corner, click Add Default Caption or Comment, and then choose the right Instagram you want to set the default captions for.

Step 2: Set Default Caption

At the Caption tab, toggle the Default Caption to ON. If you want to set the first comment, go to First Comment tab.

Click Apply On to set where you want the default caption to be applied. It can be applied on single post schedule, drag & drop preview, search & repost or bulk schedule. You can toggle the one that you want to apply default caption to on. Click Back to the previous page.

Now you can select from all your saved captions, and choose the captions that you want to be auto applied. If you have multiple captions, they will be applied in random order when you schedule posts.

All is set! You can schedule your posts now!

Note: You can still edit the caption when the default caption is auto applied.

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