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How to do split photos with Apphi App?
How to do split photos with Apphi App?
Split photos and schedule posts in a few clicks!
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Many business profiles are using this split photo idea to design their grid. Instead of using several apps to cut the image and post each pieces one by one. You can now use Apphi to handle everything in a few clicks!

Follow the guide the below to start!

Step 1: Choose Photo And Split It

Click Schedule button and choose Drag & Drop Preview. Click "+" icon on the bottom left corner to continue.

Choose the right photo you want to split, click Grid icon and tap Cut button. At the cut page, you can adjust the photo and how you want to split it. Tap Next to continue.

Step 2: Set The Post Time

We know that arranging post time for 9 posts is not an easy task! With Apphi, you only need to set the post time for the first piece of the slipt photo. The system will add 3 minutes in between every two posts, so you don't need to worry about messing up the posts order. 

After setting the post time for the first post, click Next to continue. You can now preview your gird with post time on each individual split.

At this page, you can hold the post to drag and drop the media

Step 3: Edit Each Split Piece

Now you can add text to the boring piece, just like what @Chanelofficial and @patekphilippe do with their split photos.

When you cut the photo, the split pieces will be automatically saved to your photo library. You can use your favorite photo editing app to add text on it.

If you want to change the single-photo post to a carousel, click the thumbnail and then click the bottom right icon. The cut piece will be set as the cover of the carousel by default. If you have edited the cover photo, don't forget to choose the edited image to be the cover. 

Step 4: Upload Your Schedules To Finish!

After choosing photos in order, click Done to go back to the preview, and click Done again to save the changes.

Note: If you turned on the Default Caption on Drag & Drop Preview, the system will automatically apply your saved captions in random order to the split posts. Click here for more information on the Default Caption feature!

When you finish all the schedules, don't forget to click the Upload button on the top right corner. Now all your schedules are uploaded to the cloud, you are ready to go!

Isn't it super easy to schedule a split grid?

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