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How to schedule posts to Facebook page?
How to schedule posts to Facebook page?
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Note: Before schedule posts to Facebook Page, make sure you have added your Facebook Page to your Apphi account. Click here to view detailed guide on how to add your Facebook Page.

Currently, for Facebook Page schedule, Apphi supports schedule from Photo Library, Search & Repost and Bulk Schedule. Here we will quickly show you how to schedule from Photo Library.

Open Apphi > switch to your Facebook Page > tap Schedule > Photo Library

Select your photos from your Photo Library. If you want to post multiple photos in one post, tap the Carousel icon and select photos in order. Tap Next to continue.

Write a good caption for your Facebook post. You can use Saved Caption to select one from your list of captions. Click here to view a detailed guide on how to manage Saved Captions.

You can also add First Comment to your post. If you have set your default post time, Apphi will auto apply your default time. If you have multiple time settings, they will be applied in order. Otherwise, tap Next to set your post and delete time.

Hit Done! Your post will be automatically posted on your Facebook Page at your scheduled time.


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