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How to schedule Instagram posts on Apphi desktop?
How to schedule Instagram posts on Apphi desktop?
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Step 1: Upload Media To Your Apphi Library

You can upload and save your media to the Apphi Library for later use. Or you can save posts you like from Search & Repost on Apphi App, and schedule the repost on Apphi desktop. All the Instagrams you add to your Apphi account share the same Apphi Library.

Step 2: Drag & Drop Your Media Into Calendar

Drag and drop the media from Apphi Library to the Calendar area, choose if you want to post it as a Story or Post.

If you want to make a Carousel Post, click the Carousel Icon on the lower right of the photo.

Then select your photos in order. You can crop and apply filters to your photos.

Step 3: Add Captions And Adjust Post Time

After selecting the media, you can now add your caption and adjust the post time. At the Caption area, you can either write the caption or choose one from your saved captions.

To save time editing captions for each post, you can turn on Default Caption. The system will automatically apply your saved captions in random order and fill in the caption box of each post. Click here for a detailed guide on how to set the Default Caption.

If you want to post the photos on multiple Instagrams, don't forget to click the "+" button next to your Instagram name to select the Instagram.

Step 4: Done! View Scheduled Posts In Your Calendar

After saving your scheduled post, you can view it in your calendar. Apphi will publish the post automatically, according to the post time you put in place. If you want to make any changes to the schedules, just click the thumbnail to edit.

That's it!

With the calendar, you can visually plan weeks/months of posts and adapt your posting according to your marketing plans. 

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