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How to bulk schedule on Apphi desktop?
How to bulk schedule on Apphi desktop?
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Step 1: Select Media

Select Bulk Schedule from the left menu. You can drag & drop media from Apphi Library or upload from your computer. If you want to make carousel post, just drag the cover photo to the right and click the "+" button on the thumbnail to add the other photos/videos.

Step 2: Apply Post Time

You can tap Add Time of each post to adjust post time or apply Bulk Time at once.

By applying bulk time, you only need to set up the start time and the time interval between every two posts. Apphi will automatically set post time for each post.

Step 3: Add Captions, Product Tags, And Locations

Click Saved button under the caption box to quickly add your saved captions to the post. You can also tag people, add location, add first comment and tag products on your post.

Note: Please make sure your Instagram supports product tags.

To save time editing captions for each post, you can turn on Default Caption. The system will automatically apply your saved captions in random order and fill in the caption box of each post. Click here for a detailed guide on how to set the Default Caption.

After editing the post, click Schedule button on the lower right corner to upload your posts. It won't take long to finish the uploading, and you can see the progress by clicking the "beltπŸ””" icon on the bottom left corner.

Step 4: Done! View Scheduled Posts In Your Calendar

Click Schedule on the left menu bar to go back to the calendar view. You can now see your bulk schedules appear on your calendar!

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