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How to use drag & drop preview on Apphi desktop?
How to use drag & drop preview on Apphi desktop?
Preview Instagram profile design with drag & drop.
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Step. 1 Go to Apphi Desktop > Drag & Drop Preview

Open Apphi desktop on your desktop: . Click Drag & Drop Preview on the left side menu.

Step 2. Drag Photos To Your Profile

Click on the photo from Apphi library (holding down the button) and drag it to the right, until the photo shows on your profile.

If you have several photos, drag all of the photos to the right and put your mouse at the right bottom corner of any post, your mouse will turn to a cross-arrow sign. (see the green circle below) Now you can click (holding down the button) and drag your post to adjust the position of your posts.

Step 3. Make A Carousel Post

If you wan to make your post a carousel post (one post containing multiple photos), you need to just drag the first photos to the profile mock up and click the post you want to add more photos. Click the Carousel icon and select more photos to add in.

Step 4. Set Post Time And Write Captions

Click on the photo to edit the post. You can write captions, set post time, tag people, etc. 

Step 5. Upload

After you finish setting the post time and captions, click Done button and wait until the photo get uploaded successfully, Then you will see that post appear on your Profile Preview and when hover the mouse on it you will see the scheduled time labeled on it. 

If you need to change the post time or captions, just click the post to edit it.

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