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How to schedule tweets to Twitter?
How to schedule tweets to Twitter?
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Before you get ready to schedule your first tweet, make sure you have added your Twitter account to Apphi. 

Click here to see "How to add your Twitter account to Apphi?"

Step 1. Create A Tweet Schedule

At Apphi Home Page, switch your account to your Twitter account. Tap Schedule > Tweets.

Add your text and/or picture to your tweet, you can set up the Saved Caption, and choose the text from your saved captions.

Add location or first comment if you like. Tap Next to continue.

Step 2. Set Post Time

Set the post time, delete time and repeat time to your tweet schedule. Tap Done to upload your tweet. You will see the tweet schedule appearing on your Apphi homepage. The

It's done! Your tweet will be automatically posted at the post time. 

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