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How to create carousel posts on drag & drop preview?
How to create carousel posts on drag & drop preview?
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Facebook does not allow autopost for carousel posts. But you can still plan and organize your Instagram grid with Apphi. The carousel posts will be in manual mode and we will send you a notification when it's time to post.

Step 1. Upload Media

Open Apphi app > Schedule > Drag & Drop Preview > Tap "+" button on the bottom left corner to select media

Make sure you only select the first photo/video of the carousel post at this step.

Step 2. Add Carousel Photos

Open the post you want to add more photos. Tap the thumbnail in Drag & Drop preview and click the carousel icon on the bottom left corner to select multiple photos.

Step 3. Finish Edit And Upload

Add caption, first comment, tags, etc. to your posts. 

Hold the picture for a second and drag it. You can move around the posts to arrange the position.

If you only want to switch positions of two pictures, tap the second left icon on the bottom menu bar, then hold the picture and move to the other picture.

Important: After finishing editing your posts, do not forget to tap the "upload" button on the top right corner of the Drag & Drop Preview page. Otherwise, the time bar on the post will have a white background, which means the posts are not uploaded yet and they are not ready to post.

See "Expired" on your Drag & Drop Preview? Check this guide for more information.

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