Great news! You can now invite people to review your schedules before they get posted and only the approved schedules will be posted.

You can also turn on Approval Mode to your Member account. Schedules created by members will need admin's approval to be posted. Click here to learn how to do it.

Let's see how it works!

Step 1. Create A Schedule

It can be an Instagram post, Facebook post or Tweet. Just create a post as you normally do on Apphi.

Tap the post and enter the detail page. You will see the "Ask People To Approve This Schedule" button, click on it and tap "Send Review Link".

You can choose to copy the link or directly send it through emails, Dropbox, Slack, etc.

Important: Once you tap the "Ask People To Approve This Schedule" button, the post will need the approval to be posted. That means only if someone click the link you send and approve it, the scheduled post will be posted.

Once you sent the link, the post will turn to "Reviewing" status. You can still edit the post when it's in reviewing status. But when the reviewers open the link, they will always see the latest version of the post.

Step 3. Approve The Schedule

When the reviewers receives your link, they can click the link and view the schedule content.
Click Approve and the post is ready to be posted!

Note: If you sent the approval link to multiple reviewers, once one of the reviewers click the "Approve" button, the rest reviewers will not view the approved schedules.

That's how to use Approval Link to invite your team review your schedules. Super easy and helps a lot if you are working with a team.

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