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How to set approval mode to your member or admin?
How to set approval mode to your member or admin?
Reviewers can be the admin or the member
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If you have added Members to your Apphi, you can turn on Approval Mode and set the reviewers to be the member accounts or the admin account.

The reviewer can approve or decline the schedules. Only approved schedules will be posted. Schedules created by the reviewer will not need approval to be posted.

No members? Check this guide on how to send Approval Link for people to review your schedules. Or check here for how to add members to your Apphi account.

This is how to do it:

The admin account login his/her Apphi account > go to Settings > enter Manage Schedule Approval > select a social account to start setting

Click here if you do not know how to invite Member or click here for how to assign social accounts to your Members.

Then, you can select who will be the reviewer/s. You can set the Admin or the Member to be the reviewer. You can also set more than one reviewer (can be Admin + Member, or several Members).

When you have multiple reviewers, as long as one reviewer approve/decline the schedule, it will be posted/get declined.

Finally, don't forget to set where do you want the approval mode to be applied: Post, Story or IGTV.

After the setting is done, once the scheduler creates a schedule, the reviewer will see the post in their Apphi app with the decline/approval button and also receive an email reminder of the awaiting post.

  • If the reviewer clicks the Approve button, the post will be ready to post. 

  • If the reviewer clicks the Decline button, the scheduler will receive a push notification and/or email notification about the status update. The declined post will show on the "Posted" section in the "Declined" status.

  • If the reviewer does not take action on the awaiting posts, the post will be expired and will not be posted on the set time. 

That's it! Try this new feature on your account and make ease to your teamwork!

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