From October 8th, 2020, Apphi no longer supports connecting Instagram personal profiles to publish your posts. This change was necessitated by policy changes from Facebook as they focus their efforts on supporting professional accounts.

Facebook requires you to have an Instagram Business Account connected to a Facebook Page to enable the autopost function in Apphi.

We know it can be confusing, basically, there are two requirements:

  1. It's Instagram Business Account

  2. This IG Business Account is connected to a Facebook Page

To enable the autopost functions, we recommend converting your IG personal account to an IG business account. There’s no cost associated with making this switch and it only takes a few minutes.

  • You can find instructions in this guide on how to change your IG personal or creator account to an IG business account.

  • You can find instructions in this guide on how to connect your IG business account to a Facebook Page.

To add an IG business account to Apphi:

1. Open your Apphi app

2. Head to Settings

3. Tap Added Social Account

4. Tap "+" on the top right corner

5. Select Instagram

6. Tap Continue

7. Select Log in with the Facebook app

8. Open in Facebook

9. Select the Instagram business account that you want to add to Apphi and tap Next

Note: You will see your personal Facebook account username and a list of Instagram business accounts on this page. Your personal Facebook account should be the admin of the Facebook page that is connected to the IG business accounts. If the IG business account you want to add to Apphi is not listed there, you can check this guide for more information.

10. Select the Facebook Page that is connected with the IG Business account and tap Next

11. Give authorizations for Apphi to autopost on your Instagram business account. Make sure you select all three options on the screen. Tap Done

12. Tap OK to finish

Now you all set up and you can schedule your Instagram post on Apphi. Your post will be posted automatically.

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