Step 1. Remove Apphi from Facebook

  1. Open Facebook app > go to Menu on the bottom right corner

  2. Scroll down to the bottom and tap Settings & Privacy > Settings

  3. Under Settings, tap Business Integrations

  4. Select Apphi Post and tap Remove

  5. Tap Remove again (DO NOT TICK the box)

Step 2. Reconnect Apphi to Facebook

  1. Open Apphi app > go to Settings > Added Social Account

  2. Tap "+" button on the top right corner > select Instagram > tap Continue > tap Open in Facebook

  3. Log in to your personal Facebook account that's connected to your Instagram business account. This account must be an admin for the connected Facebook page.

    1. If the right personal Facebook account is already logged in, tap Continue as yourname.

    2. If the name shown on the page is the one connected to your Instagram, tap Cancel and log out of the current account. Then log in to the right personal Facebook account and restart from Step 2-3.

  4. Select all Instagram accounts you'd like to connect to Apphi > tap Next

  5. Select ALL Facebook pages that are linked to the Instagram accounts you selected in the last step (šŸš©Very ImportantšŸš©) > tap Next

  6. Choose what you allow and make sure ALL permissions are enabled > tap Done

  7. Tap OK

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